>>Biltwell Renegade 1″ Black Grips

Biltwell Renegade 1″ Black Grips


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Fitment: Biltwell grips are available in two sizes: 7/8″ and 1″. Each size number refers to the outside diameter of the bar end on the left side of your motorcycle. If you don’t know the O.D. of your handlebars, measure with a caliper, an open-end wrench or other device. Each set comes with two grips: one for the clutch side (small inside diameter) and one for the throttle (larger I.D.) Installing the wrong grip on either side may result in loose-fitting grips or grips that can tear and stretch too far during installation. If any of this information seems overly simplistic, it is only because we get a lot of questions from guys who say they have never installed grips. Hard to believe, but true.

Out of stock

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