>>>>>>Biltwell Moto 2.0 Goggle – Titanium Script

Biltwell Moto 2.0 Goggle – Titanium Script


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The virtues of motocross goggles are well sung among men who ride the wild thunder, but few outlaws we know can stomach the gaudy graphics and over-the-top technology that has glutted today’s goggle market. Introducing Biltwell Moto Goggles. Every pair of simple, well-made Moto Goggles is engineered to keep shit out of your eyes without causing a scene. There’s no deflector shields, spider web graphics or neon accents on these track- and tarmac-tested goggles: just the bare essentials for clear vision when conditions are less than ideal. The molded frame features a large eye port for excellent peripheral visibility. Two-stage foam with fleece outer layer provides venting and comfort, and the clear anti-fog lens is removable for cleaning and replacement.

Out of stock

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